As our name implies Fire Spares Direct supply fireplace and stove spares, replacement parts and fireside accessories directly to the trade and public. Our staff have decades of knowledge and experience within the heating industry and we are only too pleased assist you in finding the correct product you require.
Established in 2012, our initial venture into the online market was to offer the Firemaster range of solid fuel frets, grates and ashpans. The Ouzledale Foundry of Lancashire first produced these Firemaster products in the 1920’s and 1930’s and it’s a fact that most of the original tiled interior fireplaces fitted during this period with a standard 16” or 18” clay fireback, used Firemaster solid fuel sets by default.
Although the market for real fires went into decline in the 1970’s there is still a market for Firemaster grates etc. today as some homeowners are still using solid fuel fires and the bottom grates periodically need replacing. There is also another market for these grates and frets, for those moving into period properties wishing to complete their original fireplaces, even if it is just for show.
The Firemaster range also includes a unique range of Fire Baskets (often called Dog Grates) and today we faithfully reproduce these products in our foundry, which is also renowned for the manufacture of cast-iron fireplaces and stoves.
Fire Spares Direct continues to go from strength to strength and now includes in its range companion sets, coal buckets, bellows, log wicker baskets, stove paint, stove fans, CO2 detectors, moisture meters, heat resistant boards, stove glass, bricks and baffle plates.