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Solid Fuel Frets

We are pleased to offer you our unique range of solid fuel frets. These frets first appeared in the 1920’s and 1930’s as part of the Firemaster range and Cast Tec have faithfully reproduced these frets again since 2005. Indeed, we still manufacture them in the same time honoured tradition and we can guarantee that the quality and weights are similar today as they were in their 1930’s heyday.
Our Solid Fuel Frets all suit a standard 16” fireplace opening and some of the popular designs also have a larger 18” option. The Deco Fret is particularly unique because it also has a 12” and 14” option for fireplace openings often found in a bedroom or hallway.
Whilst our frets are manufactured to cope with the rigours of a solid fuel fire, they are usually accompanied by a Bottom Grate, Ashpan and a Milner fireclay fireback (all of which can be purchased from our shop). It’s not unusual to move into a 1920’s to 1950’s house and find an original tiled fireplace with the fireclay back still intact but the fret, grate and ashpan missing. Our products will fit those fireplaces, all you need to do is to establish the size of the fireplace opening, most of which are 406mm (16”).
Our solid fuel frets are matt black in finish and although the paint finish is heat resistant, it may tarnish with extreme heat or upon contact with a naked flame. If this occurs, Cast Tec Stove Paint Spray is ideal for restoring the fret to its former glory.