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Stove Bricks

CastTec stove bricks are non-combustible, fire resistant bricks manufactured in cast-iron or vermiculite to cope with temperatures up to 1100*C.

Vermiculite is a naturally occurring non-toxic, asbestos free material which has excellent insulation properties and is the ideal product to line the inside of our stoves providing protection to the cast-iron or steel interior and also providing additional radiant heat.
Vermiculite bricks tend to be various shapes to suit the internal design of the stoves, weigh approximately 1kg each and should last several years depending upon usage, fuel used and care taken with your stove. Check out the HETAS website for advice on recommended stove fuels. Please note that some bricks may need to be ordered in pairs.

Bespoke stove bricks can also be supplied by request by contacting our Sales Department on sales@casttec.co.uk.